The Public Health Authority’s message now is:  Stay at home with the slightest symptoms, wash your hands carefully and keep your distance!

We offer a safe and comfortable journey:

  • You are safest traveling is in 1st class.  Your seat reservation is included in the ticket price. Only window seats are allowed to be booked, the seat next to you will be empty! In order to give you more of an opportunity to try our comfortable 1st class this summer we are lowering the ticket price in 1st class by about 20%.
  • In second class only window seats and a maximum of every second aisle seat can be pree-booked, in a total 75% of the total seats. Consideration is also taken to travelers without dedicated seating and the normal amount of travelers with comuting tickets
  • If two people are traveling together and want to sit near each other, one can use a vacant seat across closer to the walkway.
  • Seat reservations are recommended. Travelers without a seat reservations even with a monthly pass can be subject to seat availability, on board personnel will make the assessment.
  • To avoid congestion, we will add extra wagons if and when possible and needed. 
  • Window seats are also temporarily booked in trolley 12, which is normally not booked.
  • The train shop is open in most trains. Welcome to the shop for ticket purchases and information. Payment on board is only by credit card.
  • As a result of recommendations regarding unnecessary domestic travel, we can offer you to cancel your trip in exchange for a voucher that can be rebooked within 180 days for another trip on the same route with us Tågab. This applies to tickets that have a purchase date with departure before Sunday, February 7, 2021. Remember that you must cancel your trip before departure if you do not intend to travel! It is therefore not possible to apply for a voucher after departure time.

Q: Can I bring my bike on your trains?

A: Yes, it costs 60 SEK and is paid by cash or card onboard the train. You have to load and unload the bike yourself. Our doors are 55-60 cm wide.

Packing, eg bicycle bags, must be removed before boarding.

Q: Can I pre-book a space for my bike?

A: No, unfortunately not, however usually there is space avalible. Although we can not bring groups because limited space.

Q: Where can I buy tickets and find a timetable for Tågab trains?

A: You find all our trains at www.sj.se.